'Going forward': 2012's best and worst corporate lingo

The corporate world is full of jargon and marketing fluff. Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway shares her round up of the best and the worst of the lingo.

The corporate world is full of jargon and marketing fluff. Try your hand at decoding this one:

"As we enter 2013,  we sharpen our focus on serving our three customer groups and helping to move the economy forward."

That's a quote from Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. He's talking about his bank's multi-billion dollar settlement with Fannie Mae of course!

Bank of America is certainly not the only company that uses such corporate speak. Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway has rounded up the best and worst of the lingo. Click on the audio player above to hear her favorites from the past year.

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"I don't disagree" ... i mean... really?
and "at the end of the day"

Lingo is a "shorthand" derived from the need to communicate critical information quickly to a targeted audience (LOL); you must also remember how to speak to persons who are not part of that group, when you are out in the real world ...

"Every profession, speaks unto itself in its own unique language"
"and there is NO ROSETTA STONE " - Computer Proverb

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