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Chris Farrell is the economics editor of Marketplace Money.
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Chris - on the May 25th show you said I bonds would yield no interest earnings. Isn't that just for new issues? If one bought I bonds in an earlier period, say 2001, wouldn't at least the base, fixed, rate at issue be paid? It sounded like no interest would be earned on any bonds during this May - October period.
Thank you.

Thanks for taking my question on unemployment/self employed. But - how can I take any tax advantages if I am not earning any money????

I am the father of a 30 year old single female who works as a nanny making approximately $16,000 to $20,000 a year. She lives by herself and has no outside help. She refuses to apply for welfare assistance. She has incurred a credit card debt of well over $20,000 and needs to restructure it as creditors are now beginning to pursue her.

What is the best advice I could give her tyo address this situation at this time?

Thank you for your attention.

chris i enjoy your personnel comments on finances, but your confidence on i bonds with 100 per cent backing by the u.s. government for future rate increases is scary. the u.s. goverment is trillions of dollors in debt without counting future obligations past 2040 for medicare and social security. we cannot go on borrowing and spending. the floor will someday fall out from our feet. sicerely terry johnson city tn.

Regarding your conversation on disability insurance - for many 'white collar' professions when a severe disability may be the only way for a person to not make a living, would a comprehensive long-term care policy be a reasonable alternative to disability insurance? You would be covering two risks - catastrophic disability immediately and longer term age based incapacity. Additionally, if you purchase this at a young age, the premiums might be low enough to consider a 10-pay premium option and have a policy in force for life (based on the strength of the insurer of course!).

Re I bonds, although there is 0 interest because the CPI is negative, don't we still get the fixed rate interest that was
set when we bought the bonds??????
If we do, the bonds wouldn't be in negative territory.

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