Ford to expand into Europe

Ford Motor Company has announced plans to introduce more models into Europe, including the iconic Mustang. The timing seems strange -- Ford is expected to lose more than a billion dollars in Europe this year.

"What Ford's trying to do is given that sales in the whole of Europe are beginning to decline, what Ford wants to do is make the best use of the capacity," said Krish Bhasker with automotive research consultancy MIRU. "So trying to release new or additional or refreshened models is one way of stimulating Ford sales in a declining market."

Bhasker said Ford and General Motors already have a strong foothold in Europe, it's just they're now trying to increase their market share in a declining market -- and he thinks it'll work.

"Fifteen to 17 new refreshened or additional models in Europe by 2015 is going to have some impact," said Bhasker. "It sets a real challenge, just when the traditional European companies are really suffering and are likely to adopt the traditional solution of cutting products, cutting models, cutting expenditure. Ford's upped the ante."

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Stacey Vanek Smith is a senior reporter for Marketplace, where she covers banking, consumer finance, housing and advertising.


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