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To celebrate its 20th anniversary, launched MatchMade.Com. For, you guessed it..., the dating website, is celebrating its upcoming 20th anniversary with a college scholarship program for the kids it... made... if you take my meaning.

It's like "Hey cool!" and "Too much information" all at the same time. One grand prize winner will collect $50,000 in scholarship money, and their parents will win a bonus $5,000 for a "getaway". 

According to the website, "," students must:

1) Tell your parents' love story. Create a 1-2 minute video that explains how your parents met on Match

2) Make us laugh…and cry! Only the most creative, heartfelt and emotional videos will make the finals

3) Let us see it. Submit your entry to no later than June 30, 2014

In other news,'s been around for 20 years?



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