Don't mess with French workers' 35 hour work week

People sit at a cafe at a crossroad on the Ile Saint Louis island in central Paris on July 29, 2013. 

From France, home of the 35 hour work week, this itemFrench tech sector employees  have just struck a new collective bargaining agreement, under the terms of which they are guaranteed that after-hours emails -- as in the kind we all check on our phones while at a soccer game -- will not impinge on that aforesaid 35 hour week.

Workers now have the unimpeded right to unplug at quitting time.

To this story, one can only say, zut alors, sacre bleu and 'How do I get me some of that action'?

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, the most widely heard program on business and the economy in the country.


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