The companies most popular on expense reports: Delta, Marriott, Starbucks

A sign for a branch of Starbucks coffee is illuminated at dusk in the City of London on January 25, 2013 in London, England.

This final note will come as a relief to the good people in the finance department here at Marketplace.

I finished up about two months' worth of expense reports today. Kinda let 'em get away from me...sorry about that.

Maybe that's why this item caught my eye this morning. A report from the the expense management firm Certify, its latest business travel spending survey. Number one among restaurants listed in expense reports? Take a second, you can probably get it.


Marriott was the most expensed hotel. Delta led the airlines.

None of which, by the way, show up on my reports the past two months. See the whole list here in Certify's infographic.

Click to see the entire list.

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