Apple reports fourth quarter results

Ami Yang (L), a university student in Auckland buys the first iPhone 4s from All Black rugby player Dan Carter (R) at the 1 minute past midnight launch of the iPhone 4S at Telecom NZ in Auckland on November 11, 2011.

This final note today, which can properly be filed under the 'What the heck does Wall Street know, anyway?' label.

Apple reported fourth quarter profits after the closing bell today. A tidy $6.6 billion straight to the bottom line.

Not, though, apparently enough for Wall Street, which sent Apple shares down 8 percent in after-hours trading. That's the same Apple that sold 4 million new iPhones this past weekend.

And yes, I know this past weekend doesn't in last quarter's profits, but c'mon. The things are like printing money.

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If Apple is doing gangbusters, and I consider $6.6 billion pretty dang gangbusters, but its stock goes down based solely on missing analyst's expectations, maybe we need to get rid of the analysts. FWIW, aren't we just past the third quarter?

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