Ending 19 years of Week on Wall Street

Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson joined Marketplace in its inaugural season in 1989 and had been a regular ever since.

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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Where was Mr. Johnson? I went to listen today & no week on wall street? He was one of the primary reasons I listened - I realize everything comes to an end but why him, why now? His commentary still seemed vital & interesting 19 years after his first airing.

You have a hole to fill - I suggest you get after the task of filling it.

Wish Mr. Johnson my best.

There is no resason to listen to Marketplace on Friday afternoons. Your show is just any other business voice with nothing to make you different. Ditching David Johnson is a loss to your show and big empty hole on Friday afternoons...sad for America.

Mr Johnson you will be missed. I would always be sure to catch Fridays show just for your insights. I hope you will come back in some form on some show in the future. Marketplace's loss.

Say it isn't so!!! I want a recount! A recall! An instant replay! Arrrgh! David, you will be missed. Thank you. - Martin

I have looked forward to hearing from "the stockbroker down in Dallas". He was always humorous and upbeat even in a down market. Fridays will not be the same. Best wishes Mr. Johnson.

What a hammer blow. I thought you guys were actually kidding when you made the announcement. I've listened and looked forward to David's commentaries for the last 10 years and have found that he offers the most sane voice of any pundit out there. With his eagle's eye view and eye to the long term, he's helped us move forward through good times and bad. His perspective will be missed deeply as we long for his return. :-)

David Johnson: You're commentary brought a light to an otherwise dark market. I've been listening for years, and consider marketplace my favorite radio show. Your appearances on the show reflect a large reason why. You will be sorely missed.

Does anyone know if David maintains a blog somewhere? I would love to add that to my favorites.

I'm with Peter from Winter Park... I haven't felt this bad since Louis Rukeyser (RIP) left his program. I hope this was David's choice & not Marketplace's. Either way I'll be much less likely to listen in on Friday evenings...

David Johnson, you will be greatly missed--Fridays will just not be the same. Might you consider an occassional perspective on the markets to lighten and inform us?
I would also welcome an additional piece from Marketplace given us a retrospective on David's long association with the program.

I was so sad to learn that David Johnson will be leaving Marketplace. Please accept this message from a listener in Houston: Best Wishes to the stockbroker in Dallas.


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