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    The "Large Conference Room" at Marketplace HQ. The location of all our morning editorial meetings, as well as other general major gatherings (including a weekly Spanish class).

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    An outside view of the Large Conference Room at Marketplace.

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    Marketplace's "Small Conference Room" is where we hold meetings for smaller teams. It's also the site of Paddy Hirsch's Whiteboard series.

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    Another view of the Small Conference Room at Marketplace. Help us rename our conference rooms by commenting below!

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There is perhaps no more important decision a company can make than the name of its conference rooms.

All right, perhaps we jest, but some companies are spending a lot of time choosing the perfect name of their conference rooms, names that reflect their corporate culture, says Rupal Parekh with Advertising Age.

“If you look online, you’ll find all of these threads that are basically people that seem like they are in a state of panic, begging for help with naming their conference rooms,” Parekh said.

Some well known companies don’t seem to have much trouble naming their meeting spaces. Facebook, “knowing that they have a culture that is all about learning from their mistakes,” has named theirs after massive mess-ups in history. Case in point: one is named ‘subprime-mortgage.’

Other companies ponder choosing themes like characters played by Matt Damon (proposed on a Reddit thread) or members of the Wu-Tang Clan (proposed on a Yelp thread).

Others go for the inside joke by naming the rooms after employees who have worked at the company the longest (The Richards Group in Dallas) or a mashup of foods and band names (hence, Slayer Cake over at Etsy).

Here at Marketplace, we keep it simple with “The Large Conference Room” and “The Small Conference Room.”

Parekh says she empathizes -- Advertising Age calls one of theirs “The Green Conference Room” because the walls are green. “Maybe it means we’re just not as fun.”

But not anymore...

We’re looking for your help in renaming our two conference rooms. You tweeted us @MarketplaceAPM, Facebooked, and left plenty of comments with your submissions!

 Vote for your favorite conference room names in our poll -- deadline for voting is Friday!

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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Dollars & cents

Bull & Bear

Dow & Nasdaq

Madoff Made Off ; Robo-Call Hall; Of All the Gall Street

Three possible: prime and sub-prime
Blue Chip and Margin
We're in the Money. And Stormy Weather

Come on! Isn't it obvious. Dollars and Cents.

Big Conference Room – Smith
In honor of:
Adam Smith - father of capitalism
Fiona Smith – Australian Whipcracking champion – looks like that’s the room in which to get the team motivated
Bubba Smith – “big” football player

Small conference room – Jones
In honor of:
Emily Jones – English philosopher and writer on ethics and logic
Richard Jones – 19th century English economist
Davy Jones – the “smallest” of the Monkees
Desmond and Molly Jones – because they have a “barrow in the marketplace”

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Coffee Cup - Small


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