The best place to start up a company

An exterior view of the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

Whether its Facebook, Google, or heck, even Ford Motors -- every giant company at one point had to start small.

And despite the pros of launching your passion project in places like Silicon Valley or New York City, new research suggests that the best place for a budding business might not be where you think.

Olav Sorenson is a professor at the Yale School of Management and he co-authored the study.


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Jeremy Hobson is host of Marketplace Morning Report, where he looks at business news from a global perspective to prepare listeners for the day ahead.
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Where to locate a business may be more important than the what, why and how factors that every new business must consider. The economic climate, tax issues, talent pools and consumer demographics all play a role in determining a business location. You also must think about the country, state and city as a whole, as well as taking into account what's best for your own business locally.
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