Best Gift Ever: Rubber dwarfs

Dwarf statues, not Tom's rubber dwarfs


LISA NAPOLI: And now our holiday feature, The Best Gift Ever.

TOM WOLFE: This is Tom Wolfe. I'm a writer.

The best gift that I ever received was a set of rubber dolls, which were the Seven Dwarfs.

The movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was the rage of my youth, and I used to play with the Seven Dwarfs for hours.

To me they were alive. I'd seen the movie, and I could figure out what they would say in any given situation.

Also, they were small, as we were, and I'm sure that must have been an attraction.

NAPOLI: You no doubt know that Tom Wolfe is author of 14 books.

WOLFE OUTTAKE: When I was nine years old, I wrote my first book, a biography of Napoleon. Here was a small person who had almost conquered all of Europe, and at nine I was small, too. I can't really explain the whole thing at all, but nothing made of silver or fine wood or really anything else ever meant as much to me as these little rubber dwarfs.


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