Adult Swim attracts younger viewers into late night pool

In the past year, Adult Swim, a division of Turner Broadcasting, has become the number one viewing destination for the coveted 18 to 49 year-old male demographic -- a viewership which brings in premium pricing from advertisers, because they are hard to reach.

According to Whitney Matheson, creator of the Pop Candy Blog at USA Today, Adult Swim's edgy mix of cartoons and live action shows is well-suited for the "YouTube generation."

She says since the network's debut in 2001, Adult Swim's programming has been 15 minutes or less.

"A longer program like 'The Tonight Show' or 'Jimmy Fallon,' you know the highlights of that show are going to be online the next day," Matheson says. "So why waste your time sitting through the whole thing? You can switch over to Adult Swim where not only is everything short, but there is always something kind of odd and interesting going in."

Besides new shows with Chris Elliot and Patton Oswald, they will be adding another hour of programming.

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Lizzie O'Leary is the new host of Marketplace Weekend.
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I think that your guest, Ms. Matheson is a little off. I remember watching Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Birdman, Attorney at Law back in 1992. That was my senior year of college; much farther back than 2001. Adult Swim, the name, may have only been around since 2001, but the edgy, late night, snarky cartoons have been around much longer. Generation Xers were the first ones to watch Space Ghost and Birdman as children and then re-watch an edgier version of them as young adults.

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