Zynga gets ready for IPO

Dec 12, 2011
The company behind "FarmVille" and other online games could begin selling stock this week. And there's nothing virtual about it.
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Zynga is launching its own social network

Oct 12, 2011
If there's one thing the world needs right now, you guys, it's a new social network. Because really, honestly, that need is simply not being filled...
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Sims on Facebook growing fast

Aug 26, 2011
Mashable reports that the Facebook version of the classic reality game The Sims is popular and getting more popular. 4.6 million people are playing...
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EA buys PopCap, spending big to go casual

Jul 13, 2011
Seattle based PopCap Games apparently had plenty of suitors when it went on the market recently, including fellow casual game maker Zynga. In the...
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PrivacyVille Helps all you PeopleVille learn some SkillzVille

Jul 8, 2011
Zynga is launching a new privacy initiative called PrivacyVille that is a "game-like tutorial that rewards players with the company's virtual...
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Zynga going public

Jun 29, 2011
The casual game maker is preparing for an IPO this week. That's all the rage with tech companies these days after LinkedIn's recent offering and...
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Hastings joins Facebook board

Jun 24, 2011
We don't tend to chase a whole lot of stories about bigshot executives in this particular memo or program but this one might be kind of significant...
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Here's where you can play Empires & Allies

Jun 1, 2011
It's probably addictive. There are opportunities to spend real money on fake stuff and bug your friends. Might also be fun....
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Zynga to rope in whole new genus of nerd

Jun 1, 2011
The company behind Farmville and the totally screwed up addictive behavior commensurate with it has just launched a new game called Empires &...
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