Enter the terrifying (and silly) world of The Dark Room

Feb 14, 2012
Choose your own adventure with this YouTube "video game."
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iTube?: Apple’s theoretical TV may feature YouTube like dealy

Feb 7, 2012
Because we apparently need another YouTube
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Google's new privacy policy means more sharing

Jan 26, 2012
But at least you get some control of your profile.
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YouTube video uploads grow rapidly

Jan 24, 2012
YouTube posts an hour of video every second. The website's owner, Google, is still trying to turn that content into cash.
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Wikipedia introduces new software for its editors

Dec 29, 2011
Should look more like word processing and less like programming.
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This year’s most visited

Dec 29, 2011
You will totally believe the names on this list!
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Apple notches a victory in escalating global patent war

Dec 21, 2011
Plus, we're all getting unhappier on Twitter and we're watching tons of YouTube.
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A trillion. One trillion.

Dec 20, 2011
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A trillion YouTube views in 2011

Dec 20, 2011
This year on YouTube, we collectively watched a trillion videos. Which was the most popular?
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