Facebook, Visa choose sides on Wikileaks

Dec 7, 2010
Facebook says that at this point it will not take down a Wikileaks page on its site. The fan page has nearly a million followers/friends/likers...
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Wikileaks situation gets steadily weirder

Dec 1, 2010
A self-proclaimed patriot and "hacktivist" (which I guess is a word now) is claiming responsibility for a couple of recent directed denial of...
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Wikileaks's newest target

Nov 30, 2010
This final note today: Finally a business angle to the Wikileaks story. Forbes magazine posted an interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange...
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China was behind Google attacks, say Wikileaks leaks

Nov 29, 2010
251,287 US diplomatic cables were leaked in the latest round of Wikileaks documents and some of them point to China's politburo as being behind...
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Assange on thin ice at Wikileaks

Sep 7, 2010
Julian Assange has long been the public face and chief spokesperson of Wikileaks. But a recent rape investigation has some in that organization...
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Wikileaks leaking more leaks?

Aug 16, 2010
So they say. Dude, it's getting to be more like a WikiSieve. Am I right? Huh? Who's with me?
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Wikileaks criticized by human rights groups

Aug 10, 2010
The Wall Street Journal reports on new criticisms of Wikileaks coming from a variety of human rights groups.  At issue is the redaction of names...
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