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Food safety still on back burner

Jul 10, 2007
Drug safety's high on the agenda in Washington this week, as the House debates a bill to extend fees the pharmaceutical industry pays the FDA to speed approvals, but some folks say there's greater danger in the "F" than the "D." Helen Palmer has details.
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Iraq showdown at the authorization bill

Jul 9, 2007
A $650 billion defense authorization bill tops the Senate's agenda -- the largest such authorization since World War II. And Democrats will try to use it to hasten the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. John Dimsdale reports.
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Broker complaint? Who ya gonna call?

Jul 9, 2007
The SEC is expected to sign off soon on a merger of the NASD and the NYSE. Critics fear combining the two self-regulatory groups will make it even harder for investors to get action on their complaints. Amy Scott reports.
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Troop withdrawal back up for debate

Jul 9, 2007
There's a $650 billion defense authorization bill on the Senate's table, and with $130 billion earmarked to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our troops' presence there is fair game for debate again. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Washington at odds over VA funding

Jul 5, 2007
Hundreds of thousands of disabled Veterans are waiting months, sometimes years, to receive disability benefits from the Veterans Administration. Congress is trying to add to the VA's budget, but not everyone is happy with the price tag. Steve Henn reports.
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Freedom of information overload

Jul 4, 2007
The Freedom of Information Act requires the federal government to release unclassified documents. That'd be great if people were always getting them. A new study has found a mounting backlog of unanswered requests, John Dimsdale reports.
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Business lobbies for foreign workers

Jul 3, 2007
The immigration bill defeated in the Senate last week may not be dead after all, at least not if business interests get their way. They're pushing to bring back parts of the legislation that would allow far more foreign workers. Sam Eaton reports.
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Congress says no to abstinence-only

Jul 2, 2007
Starting this fall, the nation's public schools will have less money to spend on abstinence-only sex ed. The Democrats who now control Congress have different priorities for the $50 million grant that used to fund it. Stuart Cohen reports.
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Fed issues new lending guidelines

Jun 29, 2007
The Federal Reserve today put out a set of guidelines for subprime mortage lenders. The only thing is, the "standards" are voluntary. So, what's the point? Jill Barshay reports.
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Will new contract rules help small biz?

Jun 29, 2007
Small businesses are supposed to get 23% of federal government contracts. Yet, big companies have been winning some of those jobs. New rules take effect tomorrow that are intended to change that. Steve Tripoli reports.
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