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Transportation construction could grind to a halt

Mar 29, 2012
Construction on roads and bridges around the country could grind to a halt this weekend, and over a million jobs could be at risk.
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Rep. Michael Burgess on the Affordable Care Act

Mar 28, 2012
As the final day of arguments wrap up at the Supreme Court over the legality of President Obama's health care law, we speak to one outspoken critic of the plan.
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Day Three of health care arguments in D.C.

Mar 28, 2012
Today is the final day the Supreme Court will hear arguments about the legality of the Obama administration's health care overhaul. The Justices will be looking at severability, of what happens if the individual mandate is struck down.
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Health care arguments: Day Two

Mar 27, 2012
Can the government force Americans to buy health insurance? That's the big question at the Supreme Court today.
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Individual mandate under review in Supreme Court

Mar 27, 2012
Can the government force uninsured individuals to buy health insurance? It's known as the individual mandate, and it could soon be declared unconstitutional.
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What's at stake in the health care decision

Mar 26, 2012
It's day one of Supreme Court arguments over President Barack Obama's health care reform law.
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Congress agrees on insider trading ban... for themselves

Mar 23, 2012
Washington leaders have passed a bill that bans members of Congress from trading stocks based on non-public information, and President Obama says he will sign it.
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Everyone's lining up for the Supreme Court health care hearing

Mar 23, 2012
The court's grounds will be clogged with a colorful mix of characters: activists, lawyers, journalists and oh, tourists.
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Payroll tax cut extension deal could come soon

Feb 14, 2012
After much disagreement, it looks as though House Republicans and Democrats might soon agree to extend the payroll tax cuts, which put a little extra money into our wallets each month.
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China's Xi Jinping visits Washington

Feb 14, 2012
Xi Jinping, China's current vice president, will be taking over the country later this year. Barbara Franklin, a former Commerce Department Secretary from the first Bush administration, discusses what the power shift will mean to the U.S.
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