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Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett battling cancer, holding on to company

Apr 18, 2012
Billionaire investing legend Warren Buffett has been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. The CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway is assuring shareholders his disease is not life threatening.
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Shareholders react to Warren Buffett's illness

Apr 18, 2012
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has announced he has prostate cancer. The 81-year-old told shareholders in a letter that the cancer is in its early stages, and he'll continue to head up Berkshire Hathaway.
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President Obama pushes Buffett rule

Apr 10, 2012
Traveling in Florida, the president continued to press his case for the proposed tax reform that would require Americans who make more than a million dollars a year to pay 30 percent of their income in federal taxes.
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Dinner at Warren Buffett's -- without Buffett

Apr 10, 2012
A dinner for 10 at Warren Buffett's childhood home is being auctioned off for charity. The catch: Buffett himself won't even be there.
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Warren Buffett refuses to identify chosen successor

Feb 27, 2012
The popular leader of Berkshire Hathaway said this weekend that the company has chosen his successor, but isn't revealing who it is.
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The next Warren Buffett walks among us

Feb 27, 2012
The Oracle of Omaha released his annual letter to investors on Saturday revealing that the 81-year-old investor had picked his successor -- and set tongues wagging about who it could be with an appearance on CNBC this morning.
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Buffett’s shareholder letter dangles clues

Feb 27, 2012
Warren Buffett says in his annual letter that Berkshire Hathaway has chosen his successor. Many investors care more about his stock advice.
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Investing insight from the Wizard of Omaha

Feb 25, 2012
Investors eagerly wait to read the annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders by its CEO and stockpicker-in-chief, Warren Buffett. As always, it’s an illuminating, insightful read into business, the economy and investing.
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How risky is the modern gold rush?

Feb 10, 2012
Gold is a "precious metal" with a storied history, but its value lies in the madness of the crowd. It's a speculation, not an investment.
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Buffett ready to match GOP tax donations

Jan 18, 2012
The billionaire will match the contributions made by Rep. Scott Rigell to pay down the national debt. But he's still waiting for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to make a contribution.
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