Why do we keep returning to video games? Simple rewards

Dec 18, 2012
Students at USC's video game design school say jumping and flying are the fun experiences that keep us coming back to classic games.
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Choosing to be the good guy in video games

Sep 11, 2012
Many gamers choose the path of good when playing video games.
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Floppy disks live on as metaphors

Jul 4, 2012
A look at folders, files, camera clicks and other persistent analogies in technology.
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Are you getting throttled into paying more for your wireless coverage?

Feb 27, 2012
A new study suggests unlimited data customers are getting squeezed.
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Gaming in the cloud on the go

Dec 8, 2011
Now you can always play fancy video games.
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The art of video game music

Dec 3, 2011
This season's hottest games contain some intriguing scores.
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Videogame subscription service on the way

Nov 23, 2011
Think Netflix for videogames on an iPad
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Call of Duty court-martials 1600

Nov 21, 2011
Cheating soldiers.
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Our new generation of gamers

Oct 11, 2011
NPD Group has released a new report that finds 91 percent of kids ages 2 to 17 play video games. That's 64 million people. And some of them are TWO...
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Gamers solve problem scientists couldn't

Sep 19, 2011
For over a decade, biomedical researchers have been trying to figure out the composition of a retrovirus enzyme from an AIDS-like virus. The belief...
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