Unemployment workers face layoffs

Aug 7, 2012
As more people find work where there are jobs to be found, fewer workers are needed in state unemployment offices.
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The downward spiral: Homeless in San Francisco

Jul 6, 2012
In the city by the bay, homeless citizens share how easy it is to lose the roof over your head.
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'Boomerang Generation' hurts the economy

Mar 28, 2012
Commentator Todd Buchholz says young adults who return home to live with their parents are sapping the economy of needed vitality.
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Checking in with the long-term unemployed

Jan 24, 2012
Jai Damian joined us back in September when the president gave his big jobs speech. Now she's here to update us on her job search and discuss what she hopes to hear from the president in the State of the Union.
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U.S. Employment Picture at a Glance

Mar 4, 2011
U.S. employers added 192,000 workers in February and the unemployment rate declined to 8.9 percent -- the lowest level since April 2009. The illu...
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He's got a million of 'em . . .

Oct 24, 2008
From Jay Leno, NBC's Tonight Show:...
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