Greece may need third bailout

Aug 26, 2013
Checking the financial health of the sick patient known as Greece.
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Quiz: How much gold is there?

Jun 18, 2013
What could you fill with all the world's gold?
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As drought lowers Colorado River, conserving water gains urgency

May 29, 2013
40 million people depend on the Colorado for drinking water. 15 percent of the nation's food supply comes from fields irrigated by it.
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Why we could all be replaced by robots in the near future

May 16, 2013
In a recent story for Mother Jones, writer Kevin Drum says by the year 2025 robots will take all of our jobs.
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Court approves controversial nuclear power plant in India

May 6, 2013
Though a judge in the case assured the public the new plant will be safe and is "necessary for the welfare and economic growth of India", nuclear power remains controversial in the country.
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What's up with Rhode Island? 3 reasons why the state lags behind

Mar 27, 2013
Rhode Island is tied for the highest unemployment rate in the nation. What's got this state down while its neighbors are looking up?
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Smartphone, sure, but how about a smart-sprinkler?

Feb 7, 2013
A company called SmartThings sells kits that let you rig 'dumb', everyday objects up to smartphones and tablet computers.
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How to cut credit card debt

Jan 18, 2013
There are some really simple ways to reduce your credit card debt.
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Banks near $10 billion foreclosure settlement

Jan 7, 2013
The nation's major banks are reportedly close to a settlement with federal regulators over abusive foreclosure practices, going back to 2009.
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Unemployed workers watching, worrying about fiscal cliff

Dec 31, 2012
Richard Crowe, an unemployed former steelworker living in Ohio, talks about what it's been like searching for a job and what he would do when unemployment benefits expire tomorrow.
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