Twitter to give over information in British case?

May 26, 2011
Twitter is apparently prepared to give British investigators information about users accused of violating a "super injunction". The injunction...
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British law vs. Whole internet via Twitter

May 23, 2011
A British athlete involved in a salacious scandal was awarded an injunction by a British court that prevented his name from being identified, the ...
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Chinese egg and shoe attack possible

May 20, 2011
Weird headline, I know. Weird story too. A Twitter user who claims to be in China has claimed to have thrown an egg and a shoe at Fang Binxing, the...
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Lady Gaga somehow more famous than before

May 17, 2011
(the other night at my house)...
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Do you use social media to get your way?

May 14, 2011
Customer service. The bane of our consumer existence. The old-fashioned phone call might work. If you can get through the phone tree. But these ...
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Taliban: The revolution will be Tweeted

May 12, 2011
Well, LOOK WHO'S finally joined the 21st Century. Sort of. In at least one tiny respect....
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For bin Laden news, it's not Twitter's moment, it's Wikipedia's

May 2, 2011
I've seen a lot of mention in the coverage of the bin Laden killing about how this was Twitter's CNN moment, referring to the first Gulf War when...
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IT guy accidentally live tweets the raid

May 2, 2011
Sohaib Athar is an IT consultant living in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He tweeted "Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event)" just a...
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2012 online

Apr 20, 2011
As Obama gets ready for his Facebook town hall this afternoon, The New York Times writes today that the political left doesn't own the Internet -...
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Does 200 million accounts mean that Twitter has 200 million active users?

Apr 19, 2011
Nope. Definitely not. Lots of folks have multiple, multiple Twitter accounts and millions of others have opened Twitter accounts that are sitting...
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