Letters: What about the groom, and a lesson about qat

Oct 19, 2010
Kai Ryssdal goes through listener responses to recent Marketplace stories. This week: looking from the perspectives of "green" hotels and grooms in Indian marriages, and a lesson about qat.
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Calculating the costs of flight delays

Oct 19, 2010
A new study finds that flight delays cost U.S. society more than $32 billion a year. Reporter Mitchell Hartman talks with Jeremy Hobson about how researchers came up with that figure and breaks down the number.
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Going "green" can be cutting jobs

Oct 15, 2010
Hotels around the country are urging their customers to "make a green choice" and opt out of daily housekeeping for their rooms. But cutting back on water and electricity might also be cutting back on something else: jobs. Sean Cole reports.
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Travel warning: The impact on tourism

Oct 4, 2010
Japan has followed the U.S. and Britain in issuing a European travel alert after warnings of possible terrorist attacks. Europe correspondent Stephen Beard talks with Steve Chiotakis about the impact this might have on European tourism.
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A black market for mooncakes in China

Sep 21, 2010
China's mid-Autumn Festival and its tradition of eating mooncakes has lent itself to an underground economy worth billions.
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The fees on the bus go round and round

Sep 15, 2010
Traveling by bus can usually save you more money than, say, flying. But watch out for hidden fees. Los Angeles Times consumer columnist David Lazarus talks with Bill Radke about Greyhound's gift ticket fee.
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Disruptions in U.K. over Tube strike

Sep 6, 2010
Commuters in London are bracing for two days of strikes on the Underground subway system. London bureau chief Stephen Beard talks with Jeremy Hobson about what the strike is about and what chaos can be expected.
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Location gone mass market

Sep 1, 2010
Location via smart phone is the latest part of consumers that marketers and companies are latching onto. Reporter Joel Rose takes himself on a tour of Philadelphia for a smart phone scavenger hunt.
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China plans big bus to drive over cars

Aug 27, 2010
A Beijing suburb has announced it will soon begin testing out a new futuristic bus that would be built on tall legs -- allowing bus passengers to drive above the cars on the highway. No, this is not a joke. China bureau chief Rob Schmitz reports.
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China traffic jam highlights road woes

Aug 24, 2010
For those of you sitting in traffic, be glad you're not in Beijing. A traffic jam there is in its 10th(!) day. Since August 14th, thousands of vehicles have stretched for more than 60 miles. The official explanation: road construction. Rob Schmitz reports.
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