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Tough economy forces states to rethink tourism funding

Jun 30, 2011
For years, the state of Washington has lured tourists to the Pacific Northwest with images of snow-capped mountains and Orca whales. But with a state budget fight in store, that marketing has come to an abrupt end.
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Cutting down on the cost of summer travel

Jun 22, 2011
With the Fourth of July just around the corner, L.A. Times consumer columnist David Lazarus explains what travelers can expect from online travel sites, and offers some easy ways to cut costs from your vacation.
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Groupon wants to give you travel deals

Jun 2, 2011
At the All Things D conference on Wednesday, Groupon announced a new discount travel service: Groupon Getaways with Expedia. ...
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Delta Air Lines wants to permanently eliminate 'lost' bags

May 27, 2011
A new feature tracks your luggage the same way FedEx or UPS tracks a package. But will it get airline passengers to check bags more often?
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High gas prices drive up summer travel costs

May 27, 2011
AAA's Heather Hunter discusses this year's high gas prices, and how they will affect summer travel. Already, gas prices are more than $1 per gallon higher than they were last year, but travelers seem undeterred.
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U.S. visas are hard to get

May 18, 2011
Travel and tourism companies say many more business people from China, Brazil and India would visit the U.S., but bureaucratic hurdles prevent that.
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Lonely Planet snubs U.K.

May 12, 2011
The well-known travel guide recently released its Great Britain review, saying the country is not a good choice for cash-conscious or adventurous tourist.
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A look at air travel this summer

May 6, 2011
Summer travel season is nigh and exotic beaches are calling travelers. Learn what you can expect in terms of fares -- and where to find deals -- and if Congress' Passenger Bill of Rights really makes traveling easier.
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American Airlines to offer streaming to personal devices

May 4, 2011
You'll be able to watch movies and TV shows on your phone or iPad streamed to you from the plane. Presumably, hopefully, these will be better than...
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Japanese tourism lags

May 3, 2011
The earthquake in Japan has caused a drag on the planeloads of tourists the country sends to the U.S. every year.
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