Airlines get pension relief from Iraq spending bill

Jun 7, 2007
In the $120-billion Iraq war spending bill President Bush signed two weeks ago, amendments were slipped in that give financial breaks to two airlines. A couple of senators want to know how they got in there. John Dimsdale reports.
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Fee hike threatens Alaskan travel

Jun 6, 2007
In Alaska, air taxis are more common than ground taxis. Small planes are integral to the transportation system, carrying everything from commuters to pizza to emergency medical care. But an FAA fuel tax hike could ground many of them, reports Weld Royal.
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Should airport workers go through the screener?

Jun 5, 2007
Congress is looking at ways to improve the screening of the 1 million people who work at the nation's airports — which isn't done already. And airlines and airports don't like the idea. John Dimsdale reports.
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Virgin to offer business-only service

Jun 4, 2007
Imagine: overseas flights where 48 passengers can spread out in a plane designed to carry 220, kicking back in near-flat beds. Will Virgin Atlantic squash the small startup airlines that have been offering such service? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Airbus gets a little amour

May 31, 2007
Struggling plane maker Airbus got a boost of reassurance today as new French President Nicolas Sarkozy indicated that he will continue to support the state-sponsored company. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Northwest emerges from cloud of bankruptcy

May 31, 2007
Northwest Airlines is taking off with a lighter load today as it exits Chapter 11 protection. It shed $2.4 billion in annual costs during bankruptcy, but there could still be turbulent skies ahead. Annie Baxter explains.
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Fees on traffic congestion spread in England

May 28, 2007
Manchester is considering taking a cue from London by charging drivers in traffic-heavy areas. Bob Moon weighs the pros and cons of the potential move with Stephen Beard.
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Waiting. . . and waiting. . . for takeoff

May 23, 2007
Summer travelers, be prepared for more airport delays than ever. The FAA has a plan to help reduce delays, but analysts say the root of the problem will remain: There's only so much pavement. Janet Babin explains.
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Skybus ready to roll, er, fly

May 21, 2007
A new ultra-lowcost air carrier takes off today. Skybus is modeling its service after Europe's Ryanair: Fares as low as $10, but everything else'll cost you. And we do mean everything. Janet Babin has details.
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Cloudy skies for British Airways

May 18, 2007
British Airways has admitted to breaches of competition laws and set aside $700 million to pay for that mistake. And that's not the only trouble creating turbulence for the airline, Stephen Beard reports.
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