Planning a trip to Rome?

Aug 15, 2007
A quick visit to the Sistine Chapel before lunch, perhaps? Good luck. Ever-increasing numbers of tourists are creating frustratingly long lines at Rome's most famous attractions, and headaches for the city's small tour guides. Megan Williams has the story.
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Tourism drying up in Britain

Aug 14, 2007
A rather nasty exchange rate is the most obvious culprit keeping American and Canadian tourists away from the U.K., but other European countries with strong currencies continue to lure travelers, points out Stephen Beard. So what's the problem?
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Heathrow expansion met by protest

Aug 14, 2007
As British officials struggle to attract visitors and improve efficiency at London's Heathrow Airport, environmentalists have set up camp to protest its expansion plans. They say more flights will mean more climate change. Stephen Beard reports.
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Travel with a lot less baggage

Aug 13, 2007
As anyone who travels by air knows, getting your bags through security can be a serious hassle. So a few businesses that ship luggage door-to-door are finding some new clients. Alex Goldmark reports.
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Screening plan hits turbulent reaction

Aug 9, 2007
The Department of Homeland Security issued a revised Secure Flight passenger screening program today. And privacy rights advoctates were quick to respond. Bob Moon reports.
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Subway flooding slows NYC commuters

Aug 8, 2007
Heavy weather and flooding shut down subways in New York City, leaving commuters steaming on one of the hottest and most humid days of the year. It was another reminder of failing infrastructure. Ashley Milne Tyte reports.
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Putting tourists on the battlefields

Aug 7, 2007
The 150th anniversary of the Civil War's start is four years away, but states that were in the thick of the fighting are planning now to cash in on what they hope will be a boom in tourism. Blake Farmer reports.
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Y'all come back now, amigos

Aug 3, 2007
Texas attracts more visitors from Mexico than from any other country. And with tourism down due in part to heavy rains, cities like San Antonio are doing all they can to get a piece of the action. Joy Diaz reports.
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New prescription for Northwest pilots

Aug 3, 2007
Northwest Airlines says it had to cancel so many flights during peak travel season this summer because pilots were calling in sick and skipping work. Pilots blame post-bankruptcy cost-cutting measures. But a new deal could make it all better, Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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British Airways fined for price-fixing

Aug 1, 2007
British Airways has been fined for colluding with rival Virgin Atlantic to fix the price of tickets. The carriers had secretly agreed to increase their fuel surcharges by the same amount. Stephen Beard reports.
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