European airline venture takes off

Oct 17, 2007
Air France and Delta Air Lines are teaming up to offer nonstop transatlantic routes from the U.S. to Europe. Kyle James explains why this is a good deal for passengers.
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Weak dollar, sky-high oil

Oct 16, 2007
Oil is close to $88 a barrel this morning. Doug Krizner talks to Javier Blas of the Financial Times about what's causing the record high.
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Airlines in a jam over sky traffic

Oct 11, 2007
The FAA wants airlines to cut down on congestion in the skies by cutting back flights. But Jeremy Hobson reports that airlines don't want to cut back for fear of giving competitors an edge.
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Boeing delays takeoff of 787

Oct 10, 2007
The airplane maker says it continues to have problems getting pieces on the 787 to fit. When will it be ready for delivery? One analyst isn't placing any bets.
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Road construction paved with problems

Oct 3, 2007
Inefficiencies in the way the road construction industry operates costs the nation billions of dollars. Monica Brady-Myerov reports.
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Another use for taxes: more legroom

Oct 3, 2007
Goverment workers are routinely abusing the rules of first and business-class when they buy their plane tickets, according to a congressional report out this morning. Amy Scott reports these findings aren't terribly new.
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Soweto workers get a sweet ride

Oct 3, 2007
For many residents of Soweto on the outskirts of Johannesburg, the work place is in the city. And thanks to the Soweto Business Express, the commute is plush with middle-class comforts new to local train culture. Gretchen Wilson has the story.
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Some still pass on passport

Oct 1, 2007
A new passport rule goes into effect today for Americans -- they'll need a passport from now on to travel to Canada or Mexico. But Jeremy Hobson reports that some people still need to get their hands on one.
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In Basque region, trouble hits home

Sep 28, 2007
Hotels and real estate agents in France have been bombed by Basque separtist groups. The violence has been bad publicity for the tourism and housing markets. John Laurenson reports.
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Boeing's 787 makes clean sweep

Sep 27, 2007
British Airways has made it's biggest aircraft order in nearly a decade, including two dozen Boeing 787 Dreamliners with an option for 18 more. Stephen Beard reports that Boeing got the better end of the deal.
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