The distance we'll go for a good meal

Nov 21, 2007
Before Thanksgiving dinner is on the table, it usually travels many thousands of miles to be with you. Scott Jagow talks to Sarah Murray, author of "Moveable Feasts," about the economic impact of food.
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Lots of holiday congestion

Nov 20, 2007
When you travel during the holiday season, packed airports are part of the experience. But for many air travelers the crunch begins before they even get inside the terminal. Lisa Napoli reports on what goes on in the parking lots.
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Fliers keep trouble on their radar

Nov 20, 2007
While airline passengers are bracing themselves for another frantic holiday season, one consumer group is hitting airports prepared for trouble -- with hidden cameras. Bob Moon has more.
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French commuters won't back up strike

Nov 19, 2007
It's the sixth day of a nationwide transit workers' strike in France, and the French people are showing less support to strikers as severe traffic jams continue to plague commuters. John Laurenson reports from Paris.
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Home for the holidays

Nov 16, 2007
Unpredictable weather and overbooked flights could make this holiday travel season a nightmare. Tess asks Scott McCartney for tips to get through the gridlock.
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Bush offers plans to ease air-travel woes

Nov 15, 2007
President Bush today announced plans intended to make Thanksgiving air travel go more smoothly. He also proposed longer-term regulatory changes to make sure passengers are treated more fairly by the airlines. John Dimsdale reports.
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Bhutan's falling happiness index

Nov 14, 2007
Once-isolated Bhutan glimpsed the rest of the world seven years ago with the arrival of TV and the Internet. Now happiness is an increasingly rare commodity, and young people dance in blue jeans.
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Emirates Airlines buying piece of the sky

Nov 12, 2007
Airlines from Persian Gulf states have announced $82 billion in new plane purchases, a bonanza for plane makers Boeing and Airbus. One purchase in particular caught the world's imagination, by an airline you probably haven't heard of -- at least not yet. Dan Grech reports.
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Big planes, big show, big deal

Nov 9, 2007
Airbus and Boeing are both attending one of the world's biggest air shows in Dubai, where Emirates will pick a winner for a 100-plane deal worth $20 billion. Stephen Beard reports who might take the lead.
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Looking forward to a rainy vacation

Nov 8, 2007
It rains a lot in Kerala. But that's good for tourism, thanks to the way the Indian state is marketing its monsoons. Mary-Rose Abraham explores the therapeutic power of a downpour.
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