Inflation haunts Europe too

Oct 2, 2008
Inflation is running about 3 percent across the euro zone, well above the European Central Bank target of 2 percent, says European Bureau Chief Stephen Beard. He tells Kai Ryssdal that the level of fear is rising, as well.
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A road trip to see how America is doing

Oct 1, 2008
Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland and New York City Bureau Chief Amy Scott are crossing the country to see how Americans are doing. They get our "Road to Ruin?" series rolling by talking to Kai Ryssdal from San Francisco and Charlotte, N.C.
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NYC trying out double-decker buses

Sep 11, 2008
One of the blue double-deckers made in Belgium starts a trial run in the city today. It can carry more passengers and costs less to operate than the standard NYC buses. Ashley Milne-Tyte has more.
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Subways and buses are packed

Sep 9, 2008
The high price of gasoline has inspired more and more drivers to take public transportation. So much so that a transit industry group says buses, trains and subways are reaching their limits. Janet Babin reports
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Miami luring tourists from S. America

Sep 5, 2008
Miami saw a drop in tourism during the first half of this year and wants the tourists back. A travel show this weekend turns south -- way south -- to bring a wave of visitors to the beaches and shopping malls.
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Boeing union agrees to delay a strike

Sep 4, 2008
Boeing machinists, the airline's largest union, decisively reject the contract. However, they agree to put a walkout on hold for 48 hours to give Boeing a chance to renegotiate. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Did 'staycation' promos help hotels?

Sep 2, 2008
Hotel managers knew rising gas prices and a slumping economy would cause vacationers to cancel travel plans. Hence, the "staycation," offering discounts and other amenities to locals. Jean-Luc Renault reports.
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More turbulence ahead for airlines

Sep 1, 2008
Airlines are already reeling from losses, and travel by air traditionally dwindles after Labor Day. John Dimsdale reports that the industry is now bracing for the biggest wave of cutbacks since Sept. 11, 2001.
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Shanghai opens China's tallest building

Aug 29, 2008
The Shanghai World Financial Centre is 1,600 feet high and has 101 floors. Does having the mega-skyscraper mean Shanghai has arrived as a global financial hub? Marketplace's Scott Tong reports.
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It's not what you drive, but how

Aug 26, 2008
When the flow of traffic just isn't in your favor, the thing to remember is that it's not really about you. It's likely your fellow drivers who are responsible. Tom Vanderbilt, who makes that point in his book, "Traffic," explains to Kai Ryssdal.
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