Upscale hotels are hiding their cuts

Jan 29, 2009
Revenue at luxury hotels is down as more travelers settle for cheaper accommodations. But hotel staff is going the distance to make sure their customers don't notice. Dan Grech reports.
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U.S. travel requirement bad for tourism

Jan 9, 2009
A new security procedure requires those coming to the U.S. to fill out an online form at least three days before departure in order to get clearance. One U.K. expert thinks this could hurt tourism. Stephen Beard reports.
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In major cities, vacancy lights flashing

Jan 6, 2009
If you have the money to go on vacation right now, the hotel industry will have a great deal for you. Jill Barshay reports hotels in Midtown New York are going at almost a fraction of what they were last year.
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NYC subway could raise its fare

Dec 24, 2008
Millions of New York City residents rely on the subway to get around. But as it continues to lose money, the MTA may soon have to hike it's $2 ride fare up to $3. Jeremy Hobson gets commuters' reactions.
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Hajj turnout withstands economy

Dec 10, 2008
Muslim pilgrims flocked to the annual five-day Hajj in Saudi Arabia this year in record numbers, though the number of American pilgrims dwindled due to the economy. Shopkeepers also did well. Daniel Estrin reports.
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Post-attack catch-up hard for Mumbai

Dec 9, 2008
Mumbai has been famous for resilience against destructive events, weathering everything from riots to monsoons. But the latest terrorist attack on the city has been taking its toll. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.
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Troubled waters for the cruise industry

Dec 3, 2008
Cruise lines have been offering big discounts to vacationers to try to keep their industry from drowning. Some companies have even suspended dividend payments to conserve cash. Dan Grech reports.
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Small airports hit hard by airline cuts

Nov 28, 2008
Regional airports were thriving on the passenger overflow from the big airport hubs. But as airlines cancel routes and make other cutbacks, that overflow has turned into a trickle. Hugh Hill reports.
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Many say 'No thanks' to travel

Nov 26, 2008
Air and car travel are expected to be down this Thanksgiving from where they were last year. But buses and trains are expected to see a commuter boost. Jeremy Hobson takes a look at the ride home this holiday.
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U.S. visas waived for South Koreans

Nov 18, 2008
Travelers from South Korea no longer need visas to travel to the U.S., which is good news for the U.S. travel industry. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports South Korean tourists tend to spend more than other foreign visitors.
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