Airfare war not so bad for airlines

Mar 20, 2009
To get consumers traveling again, airlines are slashing fares to compete with low-budget carriers like Southwest. As Tamara Keith reports, the low fares aren't hurting airlines as much as you may think.
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Tijuana a cheap escape for the brave

Mar 17, 2009
Despite the city's notorious crime, some American tourists are successfully lured to Tijuana, Mexico to take advantage of a low-cost getaway. Phillip Martin reports how tourists and merchants alike are benefiting.
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More people retiring abroad

Mar 6, 2009
The economic downturn is causing some retirees to pick up and move out of the United States in search of a lower cost of living. Reporter Karen Weise journeyed to Panama where she met a retired parole officer originally from Detroit.
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Business class can fly for companies

Mar 5, 2009
Hiring a private jet is generally looked down upon as bad form for companies who have received a buyout. Ronni Radbill explores the fine line between what's considered frivolous business travel when it comes to taxpayer money.
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Gas taxes don't cover road upkeep

Feb 26, 2009
A report finds the U.S. is only spending one-third of what's necessary to keep up its roads. The gas taxes that pay for roads and bridges now aren't as effective as cars become more fuel efficient. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Tijuana getaway cheap for the fearless

Feb 26, 2009
Steady drug and gang crime have made traveling to Baja California a venture for the brave and open-minded. But those who can put the violence in perspective can find great deals and opportunities. Phillip Martin reports.
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Good fun funds through hard times

Feb 24, 2009
New Orleans tourism is still a multibillion-dollar business. This strong hospitality revenue is helping the city battle the current financial climate and boost up reconstruction funds. Kate Archer Kent reports.
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New gold rush challenges old town

Feb 12, 2009
A rise in gold over the past several years is reviving interest in the Old West's historic gold fields. But one town in Colorado worries about the effects the rush will have on its tourism. Megan Verlee reports.
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My Morning Commute: Busker

Jan 30, 2009
Like many city workers, a street busker may be able to drive to the job. But factor in an ever-changing final destination, an amp and a dog, and you've got quite a shlep. We follow a busker in Ireland on his way to work
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Upscale hotels are hiding their cuts

Jan 29, 2009
Revenue at luxury hotels is down as more travelers settle for cheaper accommodations. But hotel staff is going the distance to make sure their customers don't notice. Dan Grech reports.
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