Conflict brewing over big highway bill

Jun 18, 2009
Democratic Congressman Jim Oberstar and the Obama administration disagree on a proposed transportation overhaul. The congressman wants to compensate for lost highway funds by hiking the gas tax. Steve Henn reports.
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Report: Conflicts of interest at Pentagon

Jun 10, 2009
Pentagon employees have gotten millions in free travel and lodging from groups with interest in shaping military policy, a study by the Center for Public Integrity has found. Bill Radke talks with the watchdog group's Bill Buzenberg.
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Drivers aren't deterred by rising gas

May 22, 2009
Gas prices may be rising steadily, but vacationers are still driven to travel this Memorial Day weekend. Jeremy Hobson reports oil prices won't get much worse, and cost per gallon may actually go down this summer.
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Let the infrastructure projects begin

May 21, 2009
Three months after President Obama signed the stimulus bill, some of his proposed projects are underway. Tamara Keith visits a work site in Silver Spring, Md., where workers are paving a highly traveled, highly potholed road.
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More mass transit users, less funding

May 7, 2009
Cities across the country are experiencing increasing ridership on public transportation just as funding dries up. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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No town too small for tourism

May 4, 2009
The town of Ord, Neb. may have a population of just 2,200, but the local convenience store is stocked with tourist brochures. Alex Schmidt explores how this and other small-community economies are pulling people back.
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Exploring full-on travel ban in outbreak

Apr 30, 2009
European ministers will wait until after E.U. health officials' meeting today to decide whether or not to impose a ban on travel. But is a full-on travel ban really necessary? Christopher Werth reports.
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Philly tour guides testy over licensing

Apr 24, 2009
Three Philadelphia tour guides are seeking to overturn an ordinance requiring them to pass a history test and become licensed before taking tourists through the City of Brotherly Love. Joel Rose reports.
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The downside of upper-class air travel

Apr 21, 2009
The airline industry is hurting in the downturn with fewer people shelling out for first- and business-class tickets. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Mexico seeks to calm tourists' fears

Apr 16, 2009
Mexico's tourism industry is launching a counter-offensive in the wake of rising drug-trade violence. It's trying to lure tourists who may have been scared by negative news reports. Dan Grech reports.
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