Economy incentive in Ohio casino vote

Nov 4, 2009
After nearly two decades of saying no to casino gambling, Ohio voters have decided to roll the dice. They're going to bring casinos to four cities to get the economy going. Dan Moulthrop looks at what caused the turnaround.
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Taxes picking up tab for Amtrak losses

Oct 27, 2009
A Pew study released today finds that the average government subsidy on an Amtrak ticket is $32. That's four times higher than the subsidy figure Amtrak has come up with. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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How to find lower holiday airfares

Oct 23, 2009
George Hobica of discusses what to expect in airline fares for the upcoming holiday season.
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New campaign to promote travel to U.S.

Oct 9, 2009
The House has passed a bill to launch a campaign promoting travel to the U.S. Elizabeth Threlkeld reports now the Senate is chiming in.
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Macau: It's not your mother's Vegas

Oct 2, 2009
Casinos in Macau, China made triple the take of Las Vegas in August. The gambling capital is thriving again as the markets rebound, but the town's American outfits lag behind the local operators. Scott Tong reports.
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What the increase in RV sales tells us

Sep 29, 2009
Among all the gloomy economic indicators out there, there's one glimmer of hope: motor home and RV sales are up. Joel Rose reports on the RV Index.
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A new class of 'Ugly Indian' travelers

Sep 28, 2009
Tourists from the U.S. carry a bad rap for being the loud, obnoxious, "Ugly American." But as more Indians can afford to travel abroad, they're developing their own tourist notoriety. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.
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Hotel's $19 luxury room has empty feel

Sep 11, 2009
On a lark, the general manager of the Rancho Bernardo Inn near San Diego thought he'd try to attract more business to the four-star resort by tweeting an offer for a $19 room. Marketplace's Cash Peters checked in to check it out.
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Air travel CO2 causes severe damage

Sep 9, 2009
A panel of experts advising the British government on climate change says air travel will cause severe damage to the environment unless it's curbed. Some are pressing for a global deal to cap the aviation industry's carbon emissions. Stephen Beard reports.
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Bill could help U.S. travel pick up

Sep 9, 2009
Government border checks and passenger screenings have made the U.S. a less attractive destination for international travelers since 9/11. But the Senate is likely to approve a bill to help change that. John Dimsdale reports.
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