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NY uproar over cut to free student rides

Dec 16, 2009
New York City's public transportation system voted to approve massive budget cuts, including getting rid of free rides for students. Alisa Roth reports.
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Technology moves travelers to the bus

Dec 15, 2009
For cost-conscious travelers, the bus has always been a top choice. But now, new long-distance bus lines are rolling up hordes of travelers by using technology to up their hip factor. Andrea Bernstein reports.
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NYC cyclists bike into buildings

Dec 11, 2009
Bike commuting is more popular than ever, and many cities are taking steps to accommodate two-wheelers. In New York City, a new law will allow people to bring bikes into office buildings. But some cyclists will be left out in the cold. Andrea Bernstein reports.
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Is space tourism close to taking off?

Dec 7, 2009
If you've got the money, Sir Richard Branson has the spacecraft to rocket you into space. The long-awaited SpaceShipTwo has finally been unveiled. Bob Moon reports.
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Marketplace Globalist Quiz: Leisure

Dec 7, 2009
What do you know about leisure? Bill Radke tackles the subject in today's Marketplace Globalist quiz with the help of quizmaster Stephan Richter.
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Wait is over for NYC subway expansion

Nov 23, 2009
Economic downturns have been foiling New York City's plans to expand its subway system to Manhattan's far east side since the 1920's. But now, despite tight budgets, construction is finally underway. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Cruisin' for an economic bruisin'?

Nov 20, 2009
Cruise lines have a few competitive advantages when it comes to finding customers in turbulent economic waters. But will Royal Caribbean International's new quarter-mile, 6,000 passenger vessel be able to stay afloat? Rico Gagliano reports.
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Economy incentive in Ohio casino vote

Nov 4, 2009
After nearly two decades of saying no to casino gambling, Ohio voters have decided to roll the dice. They're going to bring casinos to four cities to get the economy going. Dan Moulthrop looks at what caused the turnaround.
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Taxes picking up tab for Amtrak losses

Oct 27, 2009
A Pew study released today finds that the average government subsidy on an Amtrak ticket is $32. That's four times higher than the subsidy figure Amtrak has come up with. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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How to find lower holiday airfares

Oct 23, 2009
George Hobica of discusses what to expect in airline fares for the upcoming holiday season.
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