Great Lakes shipping looks healthier

Mar 30, 2010
With the weather finally warming up, some shipping lanes in the Great Lakes have thawed out. That means there's hope that the local shipping industry may get busier very soon. Tony Arnold reports.
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Shanghai hotel makes glorious return

Mar 22, 2010
The Peninsula Hotel had its grand opening in Shanghai after its parent company was forced to take a 60-year hiatus. Scott Tong tells the story of the hotel's hey days in the 20s and 30s and how it's making its comeback now.
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Winnebago profits, but is still cautious

Mar 18, 2010
Winnebago posted its first quarterly profits in more than a year. What's that mean for the iconic maker of recreational vehicles? Alisa Roth reports.
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Virginia commuters are in a capital jam

Mar 16, 2010
In Washington, D.C.'s Virginia suburbs, commutes of two hours each way are not uncommon. That puts a huge strain on local businesses, which are beginning to blame the state's Republican leaders. David Schultz reports.
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New Yorkers skeptical over cab-sharing

Feb 26, 2010
New York City begins a program today that will enable passengers to share a cab with total strangers along three specific routes. Jeremy Hobson spoke with passengers and cabbies who aren't so fond of the idea.
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TIGER grants will get economy moving

Feb 18, 2010
The White House has announced $1.5 billion for special transportation grants as part of the massive federal stimulus program passed over a year ago. Andrea Bernstein tells us about the potential transportation projects to come.
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Is Delta really "Flying Greener?"

Feb 8, 2010
I recently got back from an international vacation. I don't usually read in-flight magazines, but I spied a headline while my neighbor perused his...
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Cities take a spin with bike sharing

Feb 2, 2010
Cities like Boston, Minneapolis, and Denver are introducing a new way to get around: bike share. But these programs aren't just a ride in the park. Andrea Bernstein reports.
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Why high-speed rail will benefit U.S.

Jan 28, 2010
Another one of President Obama's spending plans calls for bringing high-speed rail to U.S. cities like Tampa and Cleveland. But how will this create jobs with most leaders of high-speed rail in Europe and Japan? Collin Campbell reports.
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Pennsylvanians gamble closer to home

Jan 19, 2010
Gambling hub Atlantic City is taking a hit as tri-state area residents gravitate towards casinos opening up close by. But what local casinos pull in as more revenue, they lose in productivity and law enforcement costs. Joel Rose reports.
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