Smartphone app fixes Boston potholes

Jun 14, 2012
Boston has a new app that lets drivers locate bad bumps, and sends pothole fix-it lists to city workers.
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Private road deals could cost states

Jun 4, 2012
The House and Senate are hashing out differences over a transportation spending bill. One of the sticking points is whether to penalize states that use public-private partnerships to run their roads.
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New highway may leave Illinois homeowners in the dust

May 10, 2012
Lawmakers in Illinois are poised to take up a bill to hasten construction on a new expressway. But to get the land for the highway, lawmakers may use a controversial method known as quick-take power.
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Sir Richard Branson: The full interview

Apr 27, 2012
Jeremy Hobson talks with Sir Richard Branson about the airline industry, trains in the U.K and the U.S., and how business leaders can help to solve many of the world's problems.
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Sir Richard Branson on solving the world's tough problems

Apr 27, 2012
Billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson the chairman of Virgin Group was in Washington yesterday for a forum hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on how businesses can help solve the world's problems.
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Transportation construction could grind to a halt

Mar 29, 2012
Construction on roads and bridges around the country could grind to a halt this weekend, and over a million jobs could be at risk.
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Funding cuts stall long-term transportation projects

Mar 12, 2012
The Senate is likely to pass an extension of the federal transportation spending bill this week. But it will only fund highway and transit projects for two years. Most generally take five years.
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Mass transit on the rise, even before high gas prices

Mar 12, 2012
The American Public Transportation Association says transit ridership around the country is at its second highest level since the 1950s. Ridership jumped 2.3 percent last year.
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Dude, where's my bike?

Jan 27, 2012
Journalist Patrick Symmes had a bicycle. Then it got stolen. So he got another bike, and that got stolen, too. He discusses his journey delving into the underground economy of stolen bikes.
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