Chicago schools face $200 million in cuts

Jul 6, 2015
The cutbacks come just 2 years after the city closed almost 50 elementary schools.
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Kicking the Highway Trust Fund can

Jun 24, 2015
The Highway Trust Fund runs out of money this summer.
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Passengers wait in line to check in at the Delta Airlines counter in Detroit. From baggage fees to changing tickets to food, flying comes with a lot of fees.

Those sky-high fees for flying

Jun 23, 2015
Airlines now charge their customers a raft of fees for all sorts of things.
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Show us your commute's #WeakLink

Jun 15, 2015
In a collaboration with crowdsourced navigation app Waze, we're looking at weak links in transportation.
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Construction crews work on a freeway overpass along Highway 101 in Novato, California.

America's infrastructure isn't sexy

May 19, 2015
What it'll take to put America's infrastructure back in the lead.
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Rescuers work around derailed carriages of an Amtrak train in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

A day after crash, a vote to cut Amtrak funding

May 13, 2015
Amtrak says it has a $52 billion maintenance backlog on its Northeast Corridor.
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Recycled bikes provide affordable transportation

Apr 16, 2015
Groups around the country are refurbishing used bikes to help low-income people.
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Can Uber replace your car?

Sep 12, 2014
If I spend one more dollar on this car...Give it up! Go car free! Could you?
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States raise transportation taxes after federal cuts

Aug 5, 2014
We look at how states are looking at upping taxes to fill the holes in our roads.
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The U.S. Highway Trust Fund is running low on cash

Jul 11, 2014
What happens to our roads and bridges?
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