Verizon and AT&T to issue transparency reports

Dec 26, 2013
Big telecom is following in the footsteps of some tech giants.
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Silicon Valley companies call for greater transparency in PRISM program

Jun 12, 2013
The tech companies' sudden, overt concern about transparency in government surveillance may be as much about protecting themselves as consumers.
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Transparency International scolds U.S. financial companies

Jul 10, 2012
Corruption watchdog group Transparency International released a report today admonishing big business to do more to crack down on corruption. The report slams companies from China and Russia along with American financial services corporations.
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Google releases latest Transparency Report

Jun 19, 2012
Google has released its latest report on what kinds of requests government agencies from around the world put in to remove certain content.
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Fed hopes to clarify its actions to Americans

Dec 12, 2011
The Federal Reserve's interest rate committee holds its last meeting of the year tomorrow. The Fed hopes to soon make its actions more easily understandable to individuals and business owners.
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E-Government projects under fire

Dec 8, 2011
The budget ax is swinging
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Google Transparency Report

Oct 26, 2011
Here's the latest from Google on data requests from governments. Worth a read.
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Open data on the chopping block

Apr 19, 2011
As Congress fights over how to balance the budget, the fate of government transparency and whether data will continue to remain available online...
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Could be curtains for open government sites

Apr 1, 2011
Sites like and - sites designed to make government more transparent - will likely be shut down by May 31. The Office...
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Magazine to publish 'black list' of worst companies

Apr 12, 2010
Corporate Responsibility Magazine has spent over a decade publishing a list of the 100 best corporate citizens. But for its April-May issue, which...
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