Why we tip more than we used to

Oct 8, 2014
Americans leave bigger tips than in the past and it could be all about appearance.
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The tip jar gets a digital makeover

Jun 6, 2014
Technology is making us better tippers but not without an extra dose of awkwardness.
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Keep the change: The psychology of tipping

Mar 21, 2014
To tip or not to tip? Starbucks is trying to make that decision as easy as a text message.
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Do you tip your barista?

Mar 12, 2014
Knowing when to tip is more confusing than ever. Starbucks' app has a solution.
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‘Sorry, I don’t have any cash!’

Jul 31, 2013
Are tips drying up as Americans trade paper for plastic?
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Financial Feud: Tipping vs. Stiffing for bad service

Jun 27, 2013
Have you ever stiffed a waiter for bad service, or do you think they deserve a tip no matter what? Weigh in and help a listener named Briana resolve the spat she had with her husband.
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New York restaurant owner says tips not needed

Jun 19, 2013
Sushi Yasuda argues that staff at the Japanese restaurant in Manhattan are paid a fair wage and don’t need tips to compensate for low pay.
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6 ways to protect yourself from restaurant tip theft

Feb 20, 2013
When you go out to eat at a restaurant and pay by credit card, what should you do with your receipts? Leave them on the table or throw them away?
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Baristas take note! How to get more money in your tip jar

Feb 18, 2013
Every shop seems to have its own way of soliciting tips at the counter. But there might be only really good way to earn those extra dollars.
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The truth about tipping

Dec 21, 2012
In the U.S., tipping is multi-billion dollar industry. But has gratuity simply become an expectation rather than a reflection of good customer service?
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