What's up, Europe? The expat's Thanksgiving edition

Nov 22, 2012
Americans may be stuffing themselves with turkey on Thanksgiving, but what about Americans on the other side of the pond?
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Plumbers get ready for a busy Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2012
Many Americans get the day off for Thanksgiving. But you know who's going to be really busy? Your friendly neighborhood plumber.
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Turkey giveaway programs say donations are down

Nov 20, 2012
One agency fills the turkey donation gap with free chickens instead.
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Tech-y Preparations for Turkey Day

Nov 20, 2012
A new app that coaches you through Thanksgiving dinner, and looking at the science behind the meal.
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Mid-day Extra: More on the cranberry industry

Nov 24, 2011
Today is Thanksgiving, and to celebrate -- and check in on the state of the markets for popular Thanksgiving foods -- we went to the CEO of Ocean Spray. Here is the extended version of the conversation.
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PODCAST: The cranberry industry, no Thanksgiving for Europe

Nov 24, 2011
This Thanksgiving, we talk to a big wig in the cranberry industry, the CEO of Ocean Spray. While the U.S. is on holiday, financial troubles in the eurozone march on. And Google wants to light up your home -- with lightbulbs, that is.
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Grocers hope to cash in on last-minute Thanksgiving shopping

Nov 24, 2011
The hours leading up to Thanksgiving are considered the busiest grocery-shopping time of the year. So, some grocers are hoping to capitalize by staying open.
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'Make the Bread, Buy the Butter'

Nov 24, 2011
We learn what's cheaper -- and tastier -- to make at home and what you should just buy from the grocery store.
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Ocean Spray CEO on cranberries during the holiday season

Nov 24, 2011
A lot of cranberries are being consumed on this holiday. Ocean Spray's CEO Randy Papadellis talks about how the company is coping with higher commodity prices and the state of the global economy.
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Poultry producers hit by rising corn prices

Nov 21, 2011
Industry giant Tyson is expected to report losses today, and a number of other chicken producers are feeling the economic hurt, in large part because of rising feed costs.
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