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Twitter launches Twitter Stories

Nov 2, 2011
There is often more to a tweet than the 140 or fewer characters that show up on the screen. To that end, Twitter's new Twitter Stories site...
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Beware of Socialbots

Nov 2, 2011
You know when you're clicking around Facebook and pictures pop up of possible friends? People you might know? It's a useful feature, especially...
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HP TouchPad returns to Best Buy

Nov 2, 2011
I think I'll start calling the TouchPad "Rasputin" for its eerie refusal to die. Best Buy is now offering the 32GB Rasputin for $149 when you also...
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New Gmail starts showing up

Nov 2, 2011
Google has been on a redesign jag lately. Reader got an overhaul and now the new Gmail is starting to roll out. This is going to make a much bigger...
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Garage Band comes to iPhone and iPod Touch

Nov 2, 2011
Good news for struggling bands who, after paying for amps and drums and guitar strings and cheap beer, can't afford any decent recording equipment....
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Nitro targets chemical and defense industry

Nov 1, 2011
Okay, well, here's a new term to worry about: Nitro. That's the name being given to a hacking attempt being widely reported yesterday by Symantec....
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IPhone 4S battery trouble

Nov 1, 2011
Are we going to have another antennagate on our hands? If your memory stretches waaaay back to the summer of 2010, you'll recall that the then-new...
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New Google Reader debuts

Nov 1, 2011
I'm a regular Google Reader user. I know there are slicker ways of getting my news but I find it simple and reliable (I also drive a Ford Focus, if...
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RIM collapses, fish swim, birds fly

Nov 1, 2011
Research group Canalsys has a new report on smart phone shipments in the third quarter of 2011. It shows huge gains for HTC and Samsung from the...
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The Internet weighs as much as a strawberry

Nov 1, 2011
On today's show, we told you about how a fully loaded Kindle weighs a bit more than one with no books on it. How much more? A billionth OF a...
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