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Blackberry to users: Sorry. We are really, really sorry.

Oct 13, 2011
After three days of worldwide outages, BlackBerry users are, for the most part, able to use their phones to send email, browse the web, and use the...
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Slow and furious

Oct 13, 2011
The Federal Communications Commission unveiled its broadband access map yesterday. It shows broadband availability around the country. A big "pop...
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Bye-bye Braille

Oct 13, 2011
Tablets. Wave of the future. Heck, wave of NOW, right? Well, what if you're blind? How's that flat, keyboard-less screen going to help you?...
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Me want to be first

Oct 13, 2011
Apple users are clamoring to get the newest updates, including the just released iOS 5 for the iPhone and storage via iCloud. Well all that ruckus...
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Get blacklisted

Oct 13, 2011
Until today, the Black List was the name of a yearly email sent out by Franklin Leonard, who culled through piles of new movie scripts and sent out...
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You'll never believe what happened: a hacking attempt on PlayStation Network

Oct 12, 2011
I'm being facetious, of course. You would totally believe that this happened because of the numerous times it's happened in the recent past. In...
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Oh, and also: Sony's TVs might sometimes burst into flames

Oct 12, 2011
Yeah, not a great week to be working at Sony. Sony is recalling 1.6 million Bravia TVs sold since 2007 because a component on the sets can...
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iCloud goes live

Oct 12, 2011
Starting today, Apple users can go to and begin their new life in the cloud. Store documents using the iWork applications, add or change...
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Zynga is launching its own social network

Oct 12, 2011
If there's one thing the world needs right now, you guys, it's a new social network. Because really, honestly, that need is simply not being filled...
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HP might not spinoff PC unit

Oct 12, 2011
Yeah, about those plans to dump home PCs. Those plans announced in August by HP's then-CEO Leo Apotheker. Well, he's gone now, Meg Whitman is in...
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