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G+ expansion: What's he building in there?

Oct 21, 2011
What we're seeing here more and more is the expansion of the meaning of Google+ and perhaps some realization that to judge it as a Facebook...
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Google Reader getting swallowed into the Google+ borg

Oct 21, 2011
I'll confess: I kind of love Google Reader. In the same way I love my old vinyl records. The news feed program from Google is useful but hasn't...
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Senators considering bill to send Justin Bieber to prison

Oct 20, 2011
Well, kinda, maybe. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D - Minn.) is sponsoring an anti-piracy bill that is backed by the recording and film industries as well...
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MC Hammer has a search engine

Oct 20, 2011
The preceding headline was brought to you by the Headlines I Never Thought I'd Write Foundation....
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Really quick trades

Oct 20, 2011
The inventor of automated trading, Thomas Peterffy, wants to scale back on high speed trading. He says it makes volatile markets worse, because...
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New chips (unfortunately not made by Frito Lay)

Oct 20, 2011
Chipmaker, ARM is introducing the Cortex A7, which is billed as more energy efficient and slimmer than those on the market now. Although not as...
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Search what's now

Oct 20, 2011
The link shortening tool,, just announced a new search service with something called "reputation monitoring". It's not really a search...
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Google prepping music store

Oct 20, 2011
Google Music's beta version has been up and running on an invite-only basis since it was announced in May. Until now, the site has been a cloud...
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Google+ to allow pseudonym support

Oct 20, 2011
One of the biggest criticisms of the still-nascent social network site Google+ has been that its insistence on real names for users is unfair,...
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Facebook and brains

Oct 19, 2011
No, not a zombie fan page....
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