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Oh, we are definitely still watching Netflix

Oct 27, 2011
Losing subscribers? Tanking stock price? Yeah, well, it's not exactly slowing the service down all that much. A new report says that Netflix...
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Grind a rail and kick-flip on YouTube

Oct 27, 2011
Pro skateboarder, Tony Hawk is one of the people being mentioned as having his own YouTube channel. YouTube is nearly ready to launch its channels...
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BlackBerry outages go to court

Oct 27, 2011
Turns out all those heartfelt, video apologies and free apps aren't going to be enough to stop people from suing Research in Motion over BlackBerry...
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Dropbox offers heavy duty cloud storage for businesses

Oct 27, 2011
Dropbox, the popular cloud storage service we talked about last Friday, estimates around one million of its 45 million users sign in with a...
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The NSA and Wall Street team up. Does that make you feel secure?

Oct 27, 2011
Sophisticated hackers are making mainstream security software less and less helpful, and financial institutions are worried. So worried that they...
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Political ad spending to be posted online?

Oct 27, 2011
The FCC is expected to vote today on a new rule requiring broadcasters to disclose political advertising spending online. The information has long...
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Warner Bros. stops doing Blockbuster any favors

Oct 27, 2011
If you can still find an open Blockbuster store somewhere (it's a little like Sasquatch, some people swear they've spotted one but the scientific...
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Sony buys out Ericsson

Oct 27, 2011
You know all those Sony-Ericsson handset phones that have been kicking around for a while? Forget Ericsson. Sony paid 1.05 billion Euros (that's a...
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Facebook's arctic servers

Oct 27, 2011
Facebook is set to open its first server farm outside the United States. It's going to be a 5-acre facility in Sweden. Like way up north Sweden,...
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Google Transparency Report

Oct 26, 2011
Here's the latest from Google on data requests from governments. Worth a read.
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