Private equity may have tax bill coming

Jun 22, 2007
With The Blackstone Group going public today, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts may be next. But Congress is looking into how private-equity earnings are taxed. So how can anyone know what the companies will be worth? Steve Tripoli reports.
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Property taxes falling

Jun 22, 2007
Homeowners in some 21 states are holding their breath, hoping for reform that'll bring property tax relief. Four states have already slashed property taxes. But not everyone shares the joy, particularly schools and other local agencies that rely on tax dollars. Dan Grech reports.
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Private equity in public doghouse

Jun 20, 2007
Profits are soaring at private equity firms around the globe, but as more and more jobs are cut and news of their substantial tax advantage makes headlines, private equity's popularity keeps sinking further into the mud. Stephen Beard has details.
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Ohio's adult businesses are seeing red

Jun 12, 2007
Owners of Ohio's strip clubs and adult video stores say their businesses are being threatened by some tough, new state laws. They may end up taking their fight straight to voters. Bill Cohen reports.
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Fee hike threatens Alaskan travel

Jun 6, 2007
In Alaska, air taxis are more common than ground taxis. Small planes are integral to the transportation system, carrying everything from commuters to pizza to emergency medical care. But an FAA fuel tax hike could ground many of them, reports Weld Royal.
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Options a good deal for companies, too

Jun 5, 2007
CEOs of many big corporations get stock options worth millions. But because of a loophole in reporting the deals, the companies can cash in, too. Now the deals are under the gun — John Dimsdale reports.
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Mexico cheers higher taxes

May 31, 2007
That's right, investors in Mexico drove that market to a record high yesterday on news that a soon-to-be-announced tax overhaul may require Mexican businesses to pay more taxes. Seems that's better than no reform at all, Dan Grech reports.
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Private equity tax loophole, take two

May 24, 2007
Robert Reich got a lotta mail about his suggestion to tax private equity earnings as income. Seems folks think fund managers would just move that money offshore instead. He says if that's the case, they should follow their cash and get the heck out.
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Texas tackles a ticket tax

May 24, 2007
The state of Texas wants to test high school athletes for steroids. Trouble is, lawmakers there can't agree on how to cover the costs and a proposal to tax football and basketball tickets isn't winning over a lot of fans. Jill Barshay reports.
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Sarb-Ox revisited again

May 23, 2007
Many small companies have struggled to cover the costs of following the Sarbanes-Oxley accounting rules, but exempting them could encourage the type of accounting fraud the law is intended to fight. Steve Henn reports.
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