An AMT patch for a pay-go promise

Nov 1, 2007
Congressman Charles Rangel proposed a one-year patch for the alternative minimum tax to save taxpayers from a rate hike. But Jeremy Hobson reports it could threaten the Democrats' promise of pay-as-you-go spending.
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Rangel offers massive tax-reform bill

Oct 25, 2007
The Democratic chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Charles Rangel, has introduced a tax-reform bill that would lower taxes for 91 million families and overhaul the entire tax code to the tune of almost a trillion dollars. Steve Henn reports.
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High taxes cause creative evasion

Oct 17, 2007
Brazilian authorities have raided Cisco offices and several homes on allegations the company evaded millions in taxes. Dan Grech reports the raids point to Brazil's bigger problem with high corporate taxes.
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The Taxman cometh for real this time

Oct 15, 2007
Today is the deadline for people who filed for a tax extension in April. But Alisa Roth reports that many of them have yet to pay up -- and thanks to the current economy, it may take them even longer.
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A move to overpower The New Deal

Oct 12, 2007
Paul Krugman's new book, "The Conscience of a Liberal," considers a group determined to take over the Republican party and Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. Doug Krizner discusses a gamut of issues with the author.
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R.I.P. for AMT

Oct 11, 2007
Republicans and Democrats agree -- the Alternative Minimum Tax must go. But while Republicans have unveiled a plan to eliminate it, Democrats say it should just be replaced. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Buzzword: Internet tax

Sep 28, 2007
A combination of words that have surely struck you with dread. No, you didn't read wrong. Enjoy your last days of duty-free browsing...
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London gives rich foreigners a break

Sep 18, 2007
London has more foreign billionaires than anyplace else in the world. Why? Because they pay less in taxes than they would in other large, developed countries. But that tax break is fostering resentment among less-affluent Brits. Stephen Beard reports.
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Bush needs help from GOP friends

Sep 7, 2007
Next week, lawmakers will be voting on a wide array of budget bills. Odds are President Bush will veto anything he thinks spends too much or that hints of a tax increase. But to succeed, says commentator Jeff Birnbaum, he'll need a little help from his friends.
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Time to pony up for road repair

Aug 21, 2007
It's going to cost some $250 million to repair the collapsed highway bridge in Minnesota and there are already calls for more federal funds to fix other bridges around the country. So where's Congress going to get all that cash? Jeremy Hobson reports.
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