Ask the taxman

Feb 22, 2008
You've got questions about the stimulus package, the IRS has answers and we get you connected. Tess has Frank Keith of the IRS answer your refund questions.
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The death of the auction-rate market?

Feb 21, 2008
Bond issuers and banks are joining with big-time investors in getting out of the auction-rate securities market which, among other things, has helped state and local governments fund public works projects. Bob Moon reports.
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The Tax Rebate, Again

Feb 19, 2008
Question: My parents are receiving social security and do not file income tax. Do they have to file an income tax return for 2007 in order to...
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Germans paying for tax evasion

Feb 19, 2008
Several hundred wealthy Germans are suspected of evading taxes with the help of a bank in Lichenstein. Scott Jagow talks to reporter Brett Neely in Berlin about the scandal and the "sport" of tax evasion.
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The Tax rebate

Feb 15, 2008
Question: I have heard that this new rebate check that was just passed by Congress and now the White House is nothing more than an advance on our...
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London too taxing for foreigners?

Feb 12, 2008
Heavier taxes on foreign-born residents in London are threatening an exodus of thousands of workers. Stephen Beard reports this might damage the city's role as a global trading center.
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Feb 11, 2008
Question: Years ago, we bought zero-coupon bonds for our son's college fund. They were timed to mature as he went through college, which has worked...
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U.K. scandal prompts calls for reform

Feb 11, 2008
British Parliament member Derek Conway has been suspended for misusing public funds after he paid his son over $80,000 for work he did not do. The scandal has led to demands for transparency to fight what some consider is a tradition of corruption in Parliament. Steven Beard reports.
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EU banana tarrif overruled

Feb 8, 2008
An international panel on trade disputes has ruled against the European Union's import tariffs for bananas from Latin America. John Dimsdale reports on what the ruling means for U.S. importers like Chiquita and Dole.
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Put the money where the economy is

Feb 8, 2008
With rebate checks on their way to eager taxpayers, many consumers are bound for bad spending decisions. Danielle Karson talks to credit experts about wise places to put the money.
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