Congress tackles bailout's bottom line

Sep 22, 2008
Proposals for rescuing financial institutions go to Congress this week, but lawmakers worked through the weekend to get a head start. The budget deficit is expected to balloon. Danielle Karson reports.
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Americans help Brits beg for bucks

Sep 12, 2008
Fundraising or even asking for money at all is just not something the Brits are comfortable with. From London, Christopher Werth reports that many organizations hire Americans to do the dirty work.
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Tax-avoidance schemes draw scrutiny

Sep 11, 2008
Several investment banks have been helping foreign clients evade millions of dollars in U.S. taxes, a Congressional report says. But the transactions have been around for years. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Report: Banks aid offshore tax dodge

Sep 11, 2008
The report from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations says the U.S. loses $100 billion a year in tax revenue to tax havens arranged by Wall Street banks for foreign investors. Janet Babin has more.
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Hiring a Caregiver?

Sep 8, 2008
Question: On your show on 9/6/08, two families got together to hire a child care provider. Do these families need to pay social security tax and...
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Actuaries lay out Social Security fix

Sep 5, 2008
The Social Security System is in good shape today, but in seven years, retired boomers will outnumber workers and drain the reserves. Danielle Karson reports on solutions proposed by the American Academy of Actuaries.
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California bill fights sprawl and traffic

Sep 3, 2008
California's anti-sprawl bill encourages development near businesses and workplaces to cut down on driving and reduce emissions. Rachel Dornhelm explains how the policy will work.
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McCain must focus on the payroll tax

Sep 2, 2008
Commentator Reihan Salam says some Republicans have lost touch with the economic anxiety of average Americans. He offers a suggestion for self-improvement.
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Capital Gains

Sep 2, 2008
Question: Hello! I'm 39 years old and was gifted a large amount of shares of Weyerhaeuser stock when my dad died 38 years ago. I recently got...
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Hey! Big economic growth! ... Oh, wait.

Aug 28, 2008
If you go strictly by the numbers, the economy's 3.3% growth in the second quarter looks great. It beats the historical record by just a bit. But before you get excited, listen to John Dimsdale's report on why the momentum might not last.
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