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When churches cross the tax line

Jun 27, 2008
Churches usually don't have to pay property taxes, because the IRS considers them nonprofit causes. But when congregations meet in places that offer other services, the lines can be blurry. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Smokers fume over NY cigarette tax

Jun 3, 2008
New York's cigarette tax moved up to $2.75 per pack today, a move officials hope will drive as many as 140,000 smokers to quit. Jill Barshay gets some smokers' reactions.
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With taxes, you can't win for losing

May 15, 2008
If you gamble, your winnings are taxable and your losses are deductible. But commentator and tax attorney Conrad Teitell says good luck trying to get Uncle Sam to accept those deductions.
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What will Americans do with rebates?

May 8, 2008
Tax-rebate checks go out Friday as part of the $150 billion economic stimulus effort. And retailers are eager for a cut of your cash. We went looking for some of the more unusual ways people are planning to spend their rebates. Kai Ryssdal reports.
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Taxing online retail sales is only fair

May 5, 2008
New York state is requiring online retailers to charge sales tax if they have marketing agreements with businesses in the state. It's prompted an Amazon lawsuit. But commentator Michael Mazerov says Internet retailers should play by the same rules as the shop on the corner.
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UK tax could incite corporate flight

May 5, 2008
A move that would raise taxes for multinational companies in Britain has stirred up a fury. Giant advertising firm WPP says it may pull its headquarters out of Britain. Others could do the same. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
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Italy puts tax returns on the Web

May 1, 2008
Italy is recovering from a questionable experiment in transparency. Italians were shocked to discover, yesterday, that the government had put their tax statements online -- everyone's tax statements. Megan Williams reports from Rome.
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An argument for raising the gas tax

May 1, 2008
Economics Correspondent Chris Farrell thinks raising the gas tax would not only change driving behavior, it would encourage research and development into alternative and more efficient fuels. He, by the way, isn't running for office.
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Rebate checks are coming soon

Apr 28, 2008
Rebate checks are going out soon, and the government wants you to spend them. Sarah Gardner finds out that many consumers have another plan -- they want to pay off debt, particularly on credit cards. Still, the stores will be tempting you.
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Rebates for home builders weighed

Apr 23, 2008
Today, Congress is considering extending a rule that would allow home builders to apply any current losses to tax returns up to four years back. That could set builders up for big rebates. Jeff Tyler has more.
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