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Tax credit and tax rebate

Mar 5, 2009
Question: We've heard about the $13 a paycheck 'tax credit'. What exactly is a 'tax credit' as opposed to the 'tax rebate'? Will we have to pay the...
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Something's got to give to trim deficit

Feb 26, 2009
President Obama wants to trim the nation's debt by trillions of dollars. But he's also planning to spend trillions more. What has got to give to get those savings? Ronni Radbill reports.
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Your take on taxes

Feb 23, 2009
Let's have it out on the President's budget plan. He wants to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term. Some of it is a deficit he...
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Deduct 401(k) losses?

Feb 9, 2009
Question: Can I deduct the losses in my 401K on my tax return? I am 26 years old. Thanks, Leena, Dallas, TN...
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Freelancers and unemployment insurance

Feb 2, 2009
Question: i am a self- employed artist. all of the news about record numbers of people collecting unemployment benefits has me wondering if these...
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Use tax cuts to ignite incentives

Feb 2, 2009
The free market is a tough place. Only so many companies can be rescued by bailout funds, and the government's stimulus plan can't save everyone. Commentator Todd Buchholz says instead of trying to prevent failure, we should be looking for ways to ignite incentives, like tax cuts.
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Clearing up 2008 tax questions

Jan 30, 2009
Many people have questions about how to reconcile such a dramatic economic year as they put together their tax returns for 2008. Host Tess Vigeland asks tax expert Frank Degan to clear up some of the confusion.
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Senate focusing on tax cuts in stimulus

Jan 29, 2009
President Obama's economic stimulus plan makes its way to the Senate today, where tax cuts will be the focus. Some lawmakers have their eyes on the Alternative Minimum Tax. Sarah Gardner reports.
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File taxes now--or wait?

Jan 28, 2009
Question: For the first time in my life, I actually did my taxes earlier than usual. All this talk of stimulus packages, however, has me wondering:...
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Hydo can be a valuable tax loophole

Jan 26, 2009
Thanks to some good tax attorneys, The New York Times won't suffer too much from its $250 million deal with billionaire Carlos Slim. Scott Jagow asks Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan how a loophole called Hydo helped.
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