NYC goes after Lehman Brothers' taxes

Aug 5, 2009
It's been almost a year since Lehman Brothers bit the dust, and creditors are still lining up to get their money back in bankruptcy court. Near the top of the list is a very familiar name: the City of New York. Amy Scott reports.
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As jobs evolve, so should tax code

Aug 3, 2009
The era of steady, lifelong 9-to-5 employment seems to be waning. These days more people work for themselves or telecommute for different firms. Commentator Amelia Tyagi says the tax code needs to adapt to a changing workforce.
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Demystifying the "Cadillac" health plan

Jul 31, 2009
"Cadillac" or "gold-plated" insurance programs have come under fire in the Capitol Hill debate about health care. But just what do the plans cover and how do they work? Joel Rose reports.
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Mass. says goodbye to sales tax holiday

Jul 31, 2009
Consumers in Massachusetts have enjoyed a weekend-long holiday from state sales tax every August for the past five years. But this year, the break is gone and taxes are going up. Abigail Beshkin reports.
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Wealthy to Congress: More tax, please

Jul 29, 2009
A group of nearly 200 ultra-wealthy Americans is delivering a petition to President Obama and Congress today asking lawmakers to roll back high-bracket tax cuts. Stacey Vanek-Smith explains why.
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Will TARP cost taxpayers $23.7 trillion?

Jul 21, 2009
TARP watchdog Neil Barofsky estimates that the $700 billion stimulus could end up costing taxpayers $23.7 trillion in the long run. But response from lawmakers, bankers and bloggers have been skeptical of his massive estimate. Steve Henn reports.
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Tax the wealthy, keep everyone healthy

Jul 15, 2009
The big debate over health care reform is how to pay for it. The latest proposal comes at a very high price -- more than $1 trillion. To help pay for it, House Democrats want to tax the wealthy. Commentator Robert Reich says that's a good idea.
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'Big Pharma' may lose ad tax breaks

Jul 10, 2009
To help pay for the health care overhaul bill, the Obama administration may cut a tax deduction drug companies get for television advertising. Sally Herships reports.
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Cities sue online travel firms for taxes

Jul 2, 2009
Some cities are suing online travel companies, claiming web-based firms are shortchanging them out of millions in hotel taxes. Danielle Karson reports.
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Film tax cuts get re-take in some states

Jun 29, 2009
Many states use tax cuts to lure film and TV productions. But with state budgets suffering, some are questioning that strategy. Joel Rose reports on a tax incentive in Pennsylvania that is facing some scrutiny.
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