A loss on a closed Roth

Jun 5, 2009
Question: I recently closed a ROTH account, feeling that the money could best be used elsewhere, since I still have a fair amount in other...
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Tax preparers may now need a license

Jun 4, 2009
The Internal Revenue Service is considering new standards for paid tax preparers, like requiring them to be licensed. Steve Henn reports.
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The $8,000 home buying credit

Jun 2, 2009
Question: My husband and I are looking to buy our first home. Since our annual income is around $34,000, we tend to get all of our tax money back...
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Estate taxes

May 20, 2009
Question: My elderly parents (82 & 88 years old) own a large (2000 sq ft) completely renovated 1805 farm house and 100 acres in SC - all paid...
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Home equity and credit cards

May 7, 2009
Question: I have a $16,000.00 credit card balance with Chase at 3.99 % until balance is paid off. I also have a home equity credit line that would...
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Go after tax havens to help health care

May 6, 2009
What do eliminating foreign tax havens and establishing universal health care have in common? A whole lot, says commentator Robert Reich.
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A Roth-IRA conversion in 2010

Apr 28, 2009
Question: As I understand it, Congress has lifted the income limits for Roth IRA roll-overs starting in 2010. How likely do you think it is that...
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File taxes

Apr 21, 2009
Question: I have not filed a return this year because the preparer told me that I did not have enough taxable income that I needed to file. Comment...
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The education IRA

Apr 20, 2009
Question: My wife and I had our first baby in January of 2009 and are looking into saving for her education. I have heard a lot about 529 plans but...
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Going beyond the tax haven blacklist

Apr 16, 2009
The G-20 summit set up a blacklist to crack down on tax havens. But campaigners at a rally in London say the move is just a small, tentative step in the right direction. Stephen Beard reports.
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